St Patrick’s day Massacre


16 Pax Present: Moped(respect), Spam(respect), Thiller, Thunderbird, Dunkin, Kat, Ginger, Airhead, Flanders, Readymix, Bigworm, Uhaul(CoQ), CDC, Knobby, Banjo(late), Swan(Qic).

Warm up. U-Haul Q

30 side straddle hop. 50 shoulder tap planks. 25 plankjacks.

The Thang.

To the tennis courts for four corners. 25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 merkins, 25 squats. 2 rounds. 100 merkins and 100 squats.

Air chair for the 6 to save our arms for more to come.

Mosey to Hoppers yard.

Circle up. Talked about St Patrick and the Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity of merkins: Regular merkins, Diamond merkins, and wide arm merkins.

First set: 10 regular merkins, 10 merkins with right leg up, and 10 merckins with left leg up. total 30 merkins

30-second pause.

Second Set: 10 Diamond merckens, 10 staggered arm merkins right arm back, 10 staggered arm merkins left arm back. Total 30 merkins

30-second pause

Third set: 10 wide are merckens, 10 one-armed merkins  right side down, 10 one-armed merkins  left side down. Total 30 merkins.

One lap around Hoppers yard.

Line up along the side of Hoppers yard. I can say there wasn’t a lot of mumble chatter up to this point.

First set: talk about Saint Patrick again and about driving the snakes from Ireland. No snakes but we do have the inchworm. Inchworm to the middle of Hoppers yard, then 3 burpees, side slide merkins to the end of the yard, then 20 big boy sit ups. Lieutenant Dan’s back across the yard, then 20 full body crunches…… I’ll tell you this was harder than I thought it was going to be. Wound up doing about 10 or 11 push-ups with the inch worms and another 12 push-ups with the side slide merkins. How many each person did would of course depend on how they did the inch worms and whether they stopped short or not. Also how tall they were. The shorter guys would of course have to do more to get to the middle and get to the end. Sorry U-Haul, sorry CDC but I figure you guys can handle it you’re tough.

Second-set: Spider-Man crawl to the middle, 3 burpees, bear crawl to the end, 20 4 count flutter kicks. Lunge back across the yard, then 20 LBC s

Third-set: Partners. Wheelbarrow to the middle, 3 burpees, switch partners and wheel barrel to the end. 24-count Freddie Mercury’s. Hi Skip back across the yard, then 15 decline merkins each.

One lap around Hoppers yard and then back to the parking lot.

Burpee suicides. Start with one Burpee then run to the first cone 3 burpees back pedal to the start, 1 burpee back to the next cone five burpees back pedal to the start, one Burpee run to the next cone, 7 burpees back pedal to the start one Burpee run to the last cone 9 burpees backpedal to start one Burpee. Total 30 burpees.

Holy Trinity of merkins. 10 merkins at the last cone, 10 Diamond merkins at the middle cone, and 10 wide merkins at the first cone.

Merkin count off

COT: mentioned p200 coming up Friday. No big issues. Knobby said he was going to use the pull up bar money to get glow vests for runners. This was met with strong resistance. But this does bring up the point when are we going to start putting in the pull up bars?

Ginger said a great prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance.



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