Know Your Position

Date: 3/16/18

QIC: Ice-T

Pax: Swan, Dipstick, Nurse Jackie, Ice-T, Vinyl, Foxy, Biscuit, CDC, Milton, Yogi, Spit Shine, Spam, Thunderbird, Squatter, Sega (2.0), Squatter

Conditions: 72 degrees in KK, a little more traffic and commotion this morning due to the popularity of the green doughnuts

The Thang:

Ice-T began by recognizing how the enemy will often try to derail things when we are trying to further the kingdom. Despite the difficulties of the night and the morning our humble Q pressed on!

Q discussed the importance of remembering our position in Christ.
That we are citizens of God’s kingdom, adopted into his family, and God is making us holy. (Hebrews 10:12-13)
Bottom Line:
“Know your position! If you fall, don’t stay there!”

Get up (repent) and keep walking! Our position hasn’t changed. We are still citizens, adopted, and being made Holy.

Our discussion also turned towards the need for accountability, honesty, and a willingness to ask hard questions and listen to hard answers.

Several Pax shared the importance of getting beyond the usual, “How’s it going?, Good!/ hanging in there!”

Maybe ask, “So, how are you really doing?”

Challenge: Ask a brother some hard questions and be willing to listen or maybe share your hard answer.

Prayer Requests:

There were no prayer requests because everyone is doing “fine” and isn’t struggling with anything.😜

COT: Ice-T

Strong showing from Pax! T-claps to Ice-T for stepping up to lead this morning!

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