Mano a mano

Date: 3/3/18

QIC: Squatter

PAX: Airhead, Moped, Readymix, Knobby, Yogi, Johnny 5, Ginger, Belding, Villa, Thunderbird, Pinto, Cheese Wiz, Clarice, Spirit Fingers, Scrambled Eggs, Foxy, Dipstick, Flipper, Squatter

Conditions: 40 degrees with 15 mph winds and 20 mph wind gusts (nippy)

The Thang
10 Burpees
20 mtn climbers IC
9 burpees
20 big boy sit-ups IC
8 burpees
10 low slow squats IC
7 burpees
20 lunges
6 burpees
10 Imperial walkers
10 Burpees

Side shuffle to picnic shelters (no running…as promised)

10 pull-ups OYO or with assistance
Mirror your partner- right leg: lunge forward, to the right, backward and to the left (like a curtsy), repeat with left leg (3 rounds total)
Repeat pull-ups and lunges – 3 rounds

Mosey to Trinity parking lot

Partner up

2 Man Tug of War – Partners face off across parking line, grab each other’s wrists and attempt to pull partner across an entire parking space.

1 Arm, 1 leg Tug of War – hop on one foot, try to pull opponent across line

Rooster Fight – arms folded, hop on one leg, try to make opponent put down foot or unfold arms

Fencing – interlock right hands as if arm wrestling. Left arm behind back. Attempt to poke opponent with right index finger.

Catch and Pull Tug of War – Pax divided into two teams. Teams attempt to catch and pull opponents across line. If pulled across line, you are put in “prison” to do lunges


Knobby has the Q Monday and there will be “valuable” prizes given away. (Still not sure why he doesn’t know what 16×11 is…and what that has to do with the Q)

Thriller and Flanders are down range running the Myrtle Beach half marathon.

Heart Association needs help breaking down tables etc. after heart walk in a couple weeks (Pinto will post info)

Cooks for Christ next Thursday.

COT: Green Acres


Moleskin: T Claps to Foxy who inspired Ginger, Yogi, and Squatter to run 3 miles pre workout.

Welcome back Ready Mix!

Good mumblechatter and fellowship this morning.

Definitely some skinned up knees, elbows, and bruises after the battle royale. By the way, I’ve never seen a man wrap his legs around another man’s waist quite as fast as Johnny 5.

We were also treated with a surprise visit from Green Acres, who was going to a basketball tournament at TKA.



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