Spiritual Discipline

Date: 3/2/18

QIC: Squatter

Pax: Speedwalker, Swan, Dipstick, Belding, Milton, Pinto, Mr. Rogers, Spam, Thunderbird, Thriller, Yogi, Sega (2.0), Squatter

Conditions: 72 degrees in KK

The Thang:

YHC attempted to reign the Pax in at 5:37.

We picked up our discussion of the importance of spiritual training and discipline by discussing some of the questions that Ginger raised last week.

That conversation “Segwayed” (pun intended Speedwalker) into a conversation about the spiritual disciplines.

We acknowledged that we are all lacking in areas of spiritual discipline and agreed to study and practice these disciplines individually and as a group over the next few months.

There is no definitive list of spiritual disciplines (i.e. practices that put us into a position for the Holy Spirit to make us more godly) but here is a list of some:
Bible intake
Silence and solitude

There may be more but this will get us started.

Over the next few months one of the Pax will choose a discipline that the Lord has laid on his heart and lead a discussion on that discipline and end the discussion with a challenge for the Pax.

Wise things were said by various Pax but YHC was listening too hard to take notes.

Prayer Requests:

Speedwalker’s broken foot and continued wisdom, guidance, and grace as he continues to be “vetted” at work and learning to drive a Segway.

Dipstick needs wisdom, guidance, and God to open hearts and doors as he pursues a teaching position.

COT: Thunderbird

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