3F – Holy Spirit > glasses

When: 2/16/18

11 Pax, 1 – 2.0: Dipstick (QIC), Belding, Spam, Biscuit, Mr. Rogers, Ice-T, Yogi, Swan, Milton, Speedwalker, Squatter, Sega (2.0)

Conditions: thermostat set to 72 degrees in KK, 1970s hits really set the atmosphere for discussing the Holy Spirit.

The Thang:

Dipstick reigned in the Pax around 5:40 to get to the question “How does the Holy Spirit help us?”

The Pax discussed how the Holy Spirit convicts, teaches us the word, comforts us, guides us and even gives us the words to say at times.

Belding exposed his hypocrisy by claiming that he didn’t bring his Bible because he didn’t bring his glasses and wouldn’t be able to read it…and then claimed that the Holy Spirit could help us read God’s word and how important it is to know the Truth…or something like that.

Dipstick shared a strategy of prayer and evangelism that emphasized our role in sharing the Gospel and the Holy Spirit’s role in conviction and regeneration.

Speedwalker tried to stir the pot by bringing up the “unpardonable sin” of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Belding shut him down.

A good word from several other Pax as well.

Prayer requests:

Speedwalker and his family are under a lot of mental and emotional pressure with his new job (commuting, customers, and family responsibilities)

CDC and Pinto start their 24 hr GoRuck Heavy tonight. (Although Belding said that asked for it)

Yogi closed us in prayer


Strong showing this morning from the Pax in number and word. Remember, Iron Sharpens Iron! If you missed this morning, you missed an opportunity to sharpen or be sharpened.




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