F3 Florence Leadership

Great meeting today brothers!  TClaps to all those that made it happen.  We appreciate Green Acres posting downrange to discuss what has worked for F3 Hartsville and for sharing his goal to be #PeeDeeStrong.  As discussed in the meeting, here are your newly nominated and elected F3 Florence Leadership:

  • Nantan:  Thunderbird
  • Weaselshaker:  Milton
  • Q/Comz:  CDC
  • Q/1stF:  Monkey
  • Q/2ndF:  Flanders
  • Q/3rdF:  Squatter

As everyone in F3 knows, one of our goals is to grow male community leadership.  Everyone in F3 Florence is a leader.  The above PAX will need support. Remember that F3 is a reverse flow generator.  The leaders should not sit around and come up with ideas and projects for the PAX to implement. It happens in reverse. Great ideas start with two or more PAX who have a passion about something. These projects then flow the opposite way back up to the top. Let’s work together to make F3 Florence better than ever!

We’ll be hearing more in the days and weeks to come.  Aye!

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