For FNGs, the swirl of inside-baseball lingo and jargon used at your average F3 workout can be a bit confusing. Like, for instance, What’s an FNG and why do people keep calling me that? (FNG stands for Friendly New Guy, or something along those lines… )


F3 Lexicon

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The F3 Lexicon is intended to help in that regard, providing a scattershot listing of lingo, sayings, expressions, acronyms, etc., that may come in handy when reading a BackBlast (“A writeup of what happened on a workout”) or attempting to decipher an email from a QIC (“The leader of a given workout”).

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F3 Lexicon



ABH: Short for Always Be Headlocking.

ACCELERATE: To increase the pace of Movement.

ACCELERATING MAN: A man committed to Acceleration.

ACCOMPLISHMENT ADRENALINE: Ability to maintain energy throughout a work day due to the extended adrenaline release as a direct result of accomplishing the early morning workout.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Submission to Standard through Enforcement and Consequence. (Q2.5).

ACCOUNTABILITY.TEAM: Setting and maintaining high Standards within the Team. (Q4.8).

ACTUAL PURPOSE: An Organization’s undisclosed but primary goal.

ADVANTAGE: A superior circumstance achieved by Movement.

ADVERSITY: A challenge to Acceleration created by Obstacles.

AKA: Short for Also Known As.

ALR: Short for Ask-Listen-Remember.

ALSO KNOWN AS: An alternative name for a man, a place or a thing. Abbr: AKA.

ALWAYS BE HEADLOCKING: A Q’s determination to never miss an opportunity to transform a Sad Clown into an FNG. Abbr: ABH.

AM: The portion of the day between midnight and noon when most of what is going to get done does get done.

AMATEUR: A man ruled by emotional reaction rather proactive Preparedness.

ANNOUNCE-A-RAMA: The stage of the COT during which the PAX dispense G2 to the Faithful.

AO: Short for Area Of Operations.

APOCALYPTO: Any winding, gloomy and dangerous trail through the woods, best run at an ankle-breaker pace.

APPRENTICESHIP: The phase of the LDP within which Positive Habit Transfer takes place. (Q3.14).

AREA OF OPERATIONS: The geographical location at which an Event takes place. Abbr: AO.

ARGUMENT: The forceful juxtaposition of opposing viewpoints in order to Persuade.

ARTICULATED PURPOSE: A Group’s disclosed and primary goal.

ARTICULATION: The ability to describe one’s Vision to other people. (Q3.9).

ASK LISTEN REMEMBER: The method by which the Q builds Trust with his Group Members. He asks questions, listens to the answer and remembers what he hears. Abbr: ALR.

AYE: I agree.

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BACK BLAST: A written account of a Workout or Event that the Q Posts to a public forum. Abbr: BB.

BALL OF LOVE: Congregation of two or more people in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in prayer.

BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM.

BAT FLIPPERS: Those PAX prone to demonstrative celebration of their rebellion against Institutional or cultural orthodoxy.

BB: Short for BackBlast.

BEAT DOWN: A very difficult Workout delivered by a Q with Zeal.

BEARDED MILLENNIAL: A millennial with a beard.

BELIEF SYSTEM: The conviction that there is a supernatural governing force outside of oneself that provides an ordered explanation for our existence and delivers consequences for the violation of that order.

BIG BALL: The Earth. More generally, that which can be seen rather than that which comprises the Super Unknown.

BLACK MIATA’D – (v) getting run from an AO by a security guard or EE of said AO. Used in a sentence, “BV, I’ve got some bad news, we got Black Miata’d at Lord Kensington today by a couple of Paul Blartts…”

BLACK SWAN: Thriving in the chaos of the unpredictable.

BLACK TAHOE: The matching of Team Member to Task to improve Teamwork.

BLADE: A man who is Sharpened by another man within a Whetstone relationship.

BLUE PILL: The choice of the easy-false life of a Mascot over the hard-true life of the HIM.

BLUF: Short for Bottom Line Up Front.

BOAT BURNING: A Q’s demonstration of his Commitment to Living Third. EG: a wedding ceremony.

BOBBY CREMINS (as in, to pull one): When a man Posts to one Workout, but leaves after Startex to go to a different AO. Also, a non-Workout LIFO initiated by the M or CBD.

BOOM: The sound a new Workout makes when it is Planted.

BOM: Short for Ball Of Man.

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: A Q’s manner of speaking and writing that makes it very clear very early what his central point is. Abbr: BLUF.

BRICK: A singular positive Habit that is Advantageous to the individual or others.

BRICKLAYING: The joining of Bricks into a Routine.

BRICKS WITHOUT STRAW: Calling on a man to lead without the training necessary to form positive habits. Abbr: BWS

BRODY: The recognition that you are going to need a bigger boat.

BROTHER: A fellow man.

BUGGY WHIP SALESMAN: A Mammon that technology has passed by, but for some reason (other than necessity) still persists.

BULLFROG: An Organization whose primary goal is existential continuity.

BULLWHIP: A not-so-obvious Skill possessed by a HIM. EG: Indian Jones’ ability to snap a bullwhip.

BUTTERBEAN: A PAX with an endomorphic body type.

BUTT HURT: Taking offense at mere words or anything other than actual sticks and stones (the only things that truly break bones).

BWS: Short for Bricks Without Straw.

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CAMPOS: The Workout group in CNC from which F3 emerged.

CANC: To cancel an Event.

CANDOR: Graciously telling the hard truth and demanding to hear it from others. (Q3.3).

CANSECO: A Jackass who gracelessly tells a hard truth.

CANTORE: Refusing to let the weather report cancel a Workout.

CARRIER PIGEON: Delivering a Weinke to a Workout without Posting for it.

CARROTS: Incentives that reward desirable behaviour within a Group.

CARTERICO: A large area of land situated between military bases that the feds use to protect us (Cherry Point/Camp Lejeune) and a beautiful seashore that the feds stole from us (Cape Lookout). It includes such towns as Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and essentially stretches from Cedar Island to Cedar Point. Carterico is clannish. Foreigners are known as dit-dots and dingbatters. Carterico is proud of its lack of progress and generally skeptical of any idea that originates “West-a-Raleigh” (including F3). (West-a-Raleigh is an acceptable identifier for any Carterican and is used to define the entire rest of the United States). The same spirit that once led Cartericans to jump in row boats in January and kill whales with their bare hands can now be found in the gloom in Rotary Park.

CBD: Short for Class-B Dependent.

CERVEZA SALUTE: During a VQ, after the COT, a celebratory beer salute performed by the PAX by each Brother enjoying a cold one. (Usually Budweiser.)

CF: Short for Charlie Foxtrot.

CHAMPAGNE MILLENNIAL: A millennial born prior to 1985.

CHARLIE FOXTROT: A snarled mess of conflict caused by failure to PD. Abbr: CF.

CHASER: The second fastest group at a Workout or CSAUP.

CHIPPENDALE: Posting shirtless to a Workout.

CIRCLE OF TRUST: The terminating stage of each Workout, wherein the PAX form a circle and conduct Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man. A Core Principle of F3Nation. Abbr: COT.

CIRCUMSACK: Missing a Workout due to circumstances outside of one’s control.

CLASS-B DEPENDENT: The woman a man loves and should marry, but is procrastinating into losing for good to a HIM willing to exude Commitment. Abbr: CBD.

CLUB: A loose combination of people seeking companionship.

CLOWN CAR: Three or more PAX riding together to a Workout, typically outside of their usual AO. Often done in a Yaris for comic relief.

CLUSTERQ: An abomination of a Q that elevates the self-confidence of all other PAX in attendance, thereby convincing PAX on the fence that they couldn’t possibly do worse than THAT guy, leading to an influx in Q signups.

CNC: Charlotte, North Carolina. Where F3 was born in 2011. The shining city on the hill, The new Jerusalem. A place worth defending from Goo Nation.

COA: Short for Course Of Action.

COAT HOLDER: A man who tolerates the lack of Virtue among the Leaders in his Community.

COBAINS: An insincere F3-style apology for something one is not really all that sorry about. EG: apologizing to a Kimono dislodged from his Fart Sack by excessive Zeal.

COFFETERIA: Post-Workout gathering of the PAX for mutual mockery, lying and coffee-drinking.

COGNITIVE PURPOSE DISPARITY: An Organization with an unrecognized conflict between its Articulated Purpose and its Actual Purpose.

COLAM: Concentric expansion method, by which a Region plants Nomads outside of its boundaries but within 100 miles.

COLLISION LEARNING: Non-classroom education through Failure, Argument and Adversity.

COMFORT: A state of physical ease and freedom from pain, constraint or challenge. The watchword of the Kimono.

COMMITMENT: Unwavering loyalty to the Group and unflinching determination to accomplish its Mission. (Q3.4).

COMMUNITY: Two or more people who voluntarily live in close Proximity.

COMPETENCE: The ability to perform Mission-essential Tasks. (Q3.5).

COMPETITION: The healthy process of pitting oneself against another man in an objectively measurable endeavor.

COMPLETELY STUPID AND UTTERLY POINTLESS: Difficult Events that the PAX do together to promote Teamwork and Perseverance. Abbr: CSAUP.

COMZ: The Q’s Commitment to Accelerating the quality of communication within his Group.

CONCENTRICA: The circular rings formed by a man’s most Proximate relationships.

CONDITION: A dis-Advantage that cannot be remedied.

CONFINEMENT: The efforts made by the Governance of an Organization to maintain a perceived status-quo through the restraint of its Advantage-seeking Members.

CONSEQUENCE: The result of the Enforcement of a Standard.

CONTENTMENT: Stability of emotion engendered by the consistent pursuit of Joy rather than Happiness. (Q3.6).

CONUS: The continental United States. Sea to shining sea. The lower 48.

CONVERGENCE: A gathering of two or more Groups for a specific Event.

COOP STRONG: Infectious strength of spirit and manifestation of Perseverance.

CORE PRINCIPLES: F3’s Guardrails. Every Workout must be:

1. Free of charge

2. Open to all men

3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

4. Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary

5. End with a Circle of Trust

CORRECTION: The Q’s advocacy for Community Virtue. The “C” of the F3 Impact Components. (Q2.6)

CORRECTOR: A HIM willing and able to provide Correction and take responsibility for the Outcome.

COT: Short for Circle Of Trust.

COUNTERAMA: Counting off the PAX in the COT to get the total number for the Workout.

COURAGE: Setting aside fear to turn hardship into grace. (Q3.7).

COURSE OF ACTION: A planned Movement to solve a Problem or achieve an Outcome. Abbr: COA.

CRACKPIPE OF MANANA: Procrastination.


CREDO: A concise Statement of beliefs that guides a HIM or inspires a Group’s Members into Sua Sponte Movement.

CRICKETS: A silent collective non-response to an intellectual or physical challenge.

CRUCIBLE: A finite set of trying circumstances that increase Perseverance through Adversity.

CSAUP: Short for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless.

C3: Centrally controlled collectivism.

CUIDADO: An F3 Exhortation to be careful, danger this way cometh.

CUTTING THE HAM: Teaching and re-teaching processes and methods based on outdated or bad information that was taught to you. Accepting as truth a wrong way to do things simply because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. AKA: Whiskey Dicking.

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D2C: Short for the Diabetes-2 Corridor.

DAFFODIL: The people-group each person was born to Serve.

DAILY RED PILL: The Q’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Abbr: DRP.

DANCING IDIOT: The HIM who initiates a Movement by Influencing a First Follower.

DASH: Winston-Salem, NC. A recently rejuvenated beacon of commerce.

DATE AND TIME GROUP: The date, time and location of an Event. Abbr: DTG.

DDM: Short for Double Digit Midget.

DEAD DINOSAURS: Any carbon-based fuel source.

DECELERATE: To decrease the pace of Movement.

DECK CHAIRS: Minor Obstacles that cause Friction but do not threaten an Organization’s Effectiveness.

DELIBERATUDE: To think, speak and act with a deliberate attitude that exudes Commitment.

DE OPPRESSO LIBER: To free the oppressed. Abbr: DOL.

DESIGNATE MAIN EFFORT: The designation by the Q of the Main Effort in order to maximize IMPACT. Abbr: DME.

DIABETES-2 CORRIDOR: The P200 trail from Columbia to Charleston. Abbr: D2C.

DIAPER CHANGER: A Task that must be done but is not within anyone’s D2X.

DIRTY DANGEROUS DIFFICULT THINGS: Events that forge bonds between men.

DISRUPTER: A Leader who is a powerful Influencer of Movement toward Group Advantage.

DISRUPTION: Disturbance to the Status Quo. (F1).

DME: Short for Designate Main Effort.

DO: Short for Drive On.

D1: A PAX who played a Division I college sport — even soccer. Highly valued within a SL for their sense of Teamwork and high pain tolerance.

D3T: Short of Dirty Dangerous Difficult Things.

DOL: Short for De Opresso Liber.

DOLPHIN: The Task a person was born to do best.

DOUBLE DIGIT MIDGET: A Workout (or other Event) at which 10 or more PAX Post. Abbr: DDM.

DOUBLE DOWN: The back-to-back performance of two Workouts or CSAUPs.

DOWN DOWN: An aspect of Service that requires the making of a local down payment to have Down Range Impact.

DOWNPAINMENT: The daily physical price required to increase one’s Fitness.

DOWN RANGE: Out of town and unavailable to participate in a Workout or other Event. Abbr: DR.


DOWN RANGE WORKOUT: An OTB conducted DR with two or more PAX. Abbr: DRW.

DR: Short for Down Range.

DRAG: The external circumstances of a Q’s life that hinder Missionality.

DRIPPER: A HIM adept at diplomatic Persuasion of difficult people.

DRIVE-BY’s-SHORTS: Workout shorts too small to conceal one’s scrotum.

DRIVE ON: The determination to maintain Momentum through Obstacles. Abbr: DO.

DRM: Short for Down Range Mission.

DRP: Short for the Daily Red Pill. (Q1.2).

DRW: Short for Down Range Workout.

DSG: Short for Dynamic Shame Goading.

DTG: Short for Date And Time Group.

D2X: The Task formed by the intersection of a person’s Dolphin and their Daffodil.

DUMPTY: A man so overcome by his Jester that putting his life back together requires something beyond the reach of the King (or all of his horses and men).

DUSTY: An injury sustained during a BeatDown, or less heroically (as those of us in the 3rd 500 of life know) because we slept on it wrong. Inspired by often injured NHL hockey player Dustin Penner who famously & laughingly threw his back out while eating pancakes at the breakfast table with his wife. Ironic Adjunct: he ended up being traded to another team for a 4th round pick… on National Pancake Day.

DYNAMIC: Something that is energetic, vigorously active and forceful.

DYNAMIC SHAME GOADING: Correction through forceful inducement of Shame.

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EFFECTIVENESS: The degree to which a person or Group is Purposeful.

EG: Abbreviation for “for example”.

EH: Short for Emotional Headlock.

ELDER: A PAX with some gray in his beard.

ELVIS (as in, to pull one): Leaving a Workout in progress to find a place to knock out the business a man is supposed to knock out prior to Startex.

EMOTIONAL: Something notional as opposed to actual. Usually followed by something actual as opposed to notional. EG: the Emotional Headlock.

EMOTIONAL FATPANTS: A crutch retained against future backsliding.

EMOTIONAL HEADLOCK: The method by which most FNGs are recruited into F3. Abbr: EH.

EMOTIONAL TAINT-KICK: A strong remonstration against Knox Rolling and a Spur to fight inertia. Abbr: ETK.

EMOTIONALLY ERECT: A state of heightened awareness the Q achieves in order to optimize all-around performance during a Workout, CSAUP or any other Event requiring Zeal. A form of Deliberatude.

ENDEX: The terminating time and place of any Workout, CSAUP or other Event. The opposite of Startex.

ENFORCEMENT: An external force that applies a Standard.

ENGAGE YOUR CORE: Tucking of the Six to neutral to maintain proper form and avoid injury. Abbr: EYC.

EPSTEIN’S MOTHER: A half-baked excuse for not Posting delivered in advance of the Workout to avoid accusations of Fart Sacking. More generally, any excuse for Knox Rolling.

EQUIPPING: Matching a Team’s Members to its Mission. (Q4.7).

EQV: Short for Esse Quam Vaderis.

ESSENTIAL: That without which the Mission cannot be accomplished.

ESSE QUAM VADERIS: To be rather than seem. The result of disciplined DRP and the essence of the HIM. Abbr: EQV.

ETK: Short for Emotional Taint-kick.

EVENT: Something that occurs, whether planned or not.

EVENT-Q: The Q directly responsible for the Outcome of a designed Event.

EXCUSE BAG: The Emotional bag of those things proffered to justify Knox Rolling.

EXERCISE: Something done during a Workout to increase 3S2T.

EXHORTATION: The ability to passionately encourage people to overcome Obstacles. (Q3.11)

EXICON: F3’s Exercise Lexicon.

EXPLANATION: The reason why F3 is the Solution to the Problem.

EYC: Short for Engage Your Core.

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F3: Fitness Fellowship and Faith.

F3C: Short for F3Connect, a search for an F3 Brother with special expertise, knowledge or need.

F3 LDP: F3’s four-phase Leadership Development Process:

1. Schooling

2. Apprenticeship

3. Opportunity

4. Failure

F3 Lexicon: F3’s particularized language of leadership.

F3 MISSION: To Plant, Serve and Grow men’s small Workout groups in order to reinvigorate Male Community Leadership.

F3N: Short for F3 Nation.

F3 NAME: What the Q names an FNG after his first Workout, and what he shall be known as for ever more.

F3 NATION: The PAX who comprise the entire Organization known as F3. Abbr: F3N.

F3 ROYALTY: A facetious honorarium bestowed to reinforce IM3. Abbr: F3R.

F3R: Short for F3 Royalty.

FAILURE: An undesirable Outcome that builds the Leadership Foundation. (Q3.16).

FAITH: A man’s Right relationship with his Creator.

FALSE ENTHUSIASM AND BULLCRAP ATTITUDE: Fake Zeal expressed to raise spirits when fatigue has set in during a Workout or other Event. Abbr: FEBA.


FARTSACKING: Staying in bed instead of Posting.

FAST PAY: Giving up all you have for your Brother, before he asks for it.

FATHERTIME: That PAX who swears he can read the Q’s watch from up to 20 yards away. “This 7 minute AMRAP has to be over by now.” “Probably should head back for Mary to be safe.” “This has to be the last Mary exercise, I’m sure it’s 6:00 now.”

FATPANTS: The 40-inch pleated kakis a man keeps in the back of his closet as insurance against the loss of control over his FUPA.

FAT UNDER PECTORAL AREA: The thickest part of a man’s torso between his waistline and his chest. What the Q measures to provide Accountability to his Queen. Abbr: FUPA.

FBA: Short for Freakin’ BadASS (emphasis on second syllable; anything thing, man or circumstance that is all that and a chicken hat.

FBE: Short for Follow By Example.

FEBA: Short for False Enthusiasm and Bullcrap Attitude.

FELLOWSHIP: A man’s Right relationship with those in Proximity.

FERN: The potted plant next to the elliptical trainer to which a Sad Clown talks during his solo gym workout. Also generally, a pay-to-play gym.

FIA: Females In Action.

FIA’d: A PAX who fails to Post in accomadation of his M’s FiA schedule.

FIRST BELL: That which rings in the Super Unknown when a Sad Clown makes his FNG Post.

FIRST ESTATE: The clergy. Abbr: 1E.

FIRST F: Fitness. AKA: 1F.

FiRST FOLLOWER: The first man to join a Movement initiated by a Dancing Idiot.

FISHER OF MEN: A HIM dedicated to Leadership development. Abbr: FOM.

FITNESS: A man’s Right relationship with himself.

FKA: Short for Formerly Known As.

FLAMING CROPDUSTER: When the Q calls an exercise that’s so hard, one or more Pax decides to leave the workout and go home.

FLESH ANCHOR: A Member who causes his Group to Decelerate.

FLUX: The emotional reaction to the peaks and valleys that appear throughout a man’s life.

FLY: An exuberant display of the American and/or F3 Flag.

FMG: Short for Frank Martin Gangsta.

FNG: Short for Friendly New Guy.

FOCUS ON FORM: Ensuring the proper execution of an Exercise. Abbr: FOF.

FOF: Short for Focus On Form.

FOGAREA: New England.

FOG OF WAR: The confusion that surrounds and frustrates the performance of a Mission. AKA: Friction.

FOLLOW BY EXAMPLE: A HIM’s demonstration of Leadership by willingly following directions when not the Q.

FOM: Short for Fisher Of Men.

FOREPLAY: Any pre-workout run.

FORMERLY KNOWN AS: Something or someone that used to be known by a different name. Abbr: FKA.

FOUNDATION: A HIM/Group’s Mission, Credo and Guardrails.

4E: Short for Fourth Estate.

FOURTH ESTATE: The media. Abbr: 4E.

43FT: Short for Forty Three Feet.

FORTY THREE FEET: The Nation’s building of the road “43 feet” ahead of the PAX driving it. Abbr: 43FT.

FRANK MARTIN GANGSTA: A man willing do whatever it takes to win, no matter how he looks doing it.

FRANK NORRIS: The Nation’s unofficial and Emotional life coach.

FREED TO LEAD: The F3 bible (of sorts). Order your copy today!! Abbr: FTL.

FRICTION: Loss of Momentum due to excessive complexity and lack of PD. AKA: Fog Of War.

FRIENDLY NEW GUY: A man making his initial Post to a Workout or other F3 Event. Abbr: FNG.

FTL: Short for Freed To Lead.

FULL STARSKY: An advanced form of the Starsky. The act of Fartsacking the Workout, yet still Posting for Coffeeteria in full workout attire, giving the impression to non-F3ers that you actually worked out with the group.

FUPA: The thickest area of a man’s torso between his waistline and his chest.

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GAUNTLET: A challenge thrown down by a Region to F3Nation.

GBA: Short for God Bless America.

GEAR: Distinctive F3 Workout apparel and equipment, available exclusively at the F3 Gear Store.

GET RIGHT: The pursuit of proper personal alignment. (Q1).

GIA: Short for Give It Away.

GINGER: A red-haired PAX.

GINGER KING: A particularly Zealous red-haired PAX.

GIVE IT AWAY: The Q’s habit of spreading F3. Abbr: GIA.

GLOOM: The murky pre-dawn in which the PAX gather around the Shovel Flag in preparation for a Workout.

GOD BLESS AMERICA: Self-explanatory. Abbr: GBA.

GOLUM: A Sad Clown who trails behind a Workout (often with a dog as a prop) seeking the SecondF without subjecting himself to the FirstF.

GONADS: Acronym for the Gathering Of North American Distance Sprinters. A shadowy running group loosely affiliated with F3. It may (or may not) still exist.

GOO: The cultural philosophy of universal Happiness.

GOO NATION: Those for whom Goo is a legitimate Organizational Purpose.

GOVERNANCE: The person or people who (by formal election, appointment or fiat) control the managing apparatus of an Organization or Community.

GRACELAND: The act of stopping at one’s house — or perhaps a port-a-potty — during a workout to take an Elvis.

GRINDER: A periodic, Purposeful and Proximate meeting between the Members of a Group to Accelerate Effectiveness.

GROUP: A voluntary combination of two or more people. (F3).

GROW: Aiding the transformation of Nomads into Regions and assisting Regions in Planting Nomads. The third Task of F3’s Mission.

GROW RUCK: The combination of a G-School with a GORUCK IOT Accelerate the Leadership Development Process in a Nomad or Region.

G-SCHOOL: A Leadership training session designed to Accelerate Growth.

G2: Information.

G3L: The four quadrants of Preparedness: Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right and Leave Right.

GUARDRAILS: Foundational precepts that protect and Incentivize Acceleration to Advantage.

GUEST-Q: An appearance by a Q from a distant AO at the invitation of the SiteQ.

GUTHRIDGE: A technically competent Q who replaces a charismatic Q. More generally, a short-term Leadership fix.

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HAPPINESS: A transitory positive feeling governed by mere external circumstance.

HAPPY CLOWNS: Those PAX who focus first on not leaving the Six behind.

HARAMBE: A symbol of hope to the Bearded Millenial.

HARD COMMIT: A PAX’ firm acknowledgement that he will Post for a pending Workout or Event. Abbr: HC.

HATE: Those PAX still in their 30s.

HATE HATE: Those PAX still their 20s.

HAWK: Extreme cold in the Gloom.

HC: Short for the Hard Commit.

HDHH: Short for a Hump Day Happy Hour.

HEARTSACK: A planned non-Post to engender LP9.

HEAT TAB: The star at the center of our solar system from which all life is derived. AKA: the sun.

HIGH IMPACT MAN: A Disrutpter who is Committed to making forcible contact to strong effect. Abbr: HIM.

HIM: Short for High Impact Man.

HONEYPOTTING: To communicate in ways that increase confusion. (This could happen with contradicting or unclear messages.) Examples: “Count off by threes, now pair up.” “Tighten up and spread out.” “Start and the stop sign.” Etc.

HONORED: The Virtuous response to praise.

HOPE: A confident expectation of a positive future Outcome.

HOSPITAL NAME: What a PAX’ parents name him in the hospital shortly after his birth and before anyone knows the nature of the race for which he has been set out to run.

HUMBLE CHATTER: Incessant false humility expressed to lower performance expectations or otherwise confuse the PAX within earshot.

HUMP DAY HAPPY HOUR: A SecondF Event that involves adult beverages consumed on a Wednesday evening after Mammon. Abbr: HDHH.

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I AM THIRD: The Q’s statement of Living Third. Abbr: IM3.

ICEBERGS: Major Obstacles that threaten to render a person or Group in-Effective.

IE: Abbreviation for “in other words”.

IM: Short for Initiating Movement.

IMPACT: Forcible contact to strong effect. (Q2.1).

IM3: Short for I Am Third.

INCENTIVE: The means by which behavior is induced within a Group.

INCENTIVE AXIOM: An Organization will always get dynamically more from it’s Members of that which it rewards with Carrots, and dynamically less of that which it punishes with Sticks.

INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE: Taking action in furtherance of the Group’s Articulated Purpose without specific instructions. Abbr: I2.

INDOORSMAN: A man who favors the look of a man who works and lives outdoors, but who mainly lives and works indoors.

INERTIA: The force that imprisons a man within the Status Quo.

INFECTION: The (positive) tendency of F3 to work its way into existing Organizations.

INFLUENCE: Igniting a powerful desire for Movement. (Q2.2).

INITIATING MOVEMENT: The next action taken in furtherance of a Mission. Abbr: IM.

INJURED RESERVE: An injury sufficient to justify a Fartsack. Post. Abbr: IR.

IM: Short for In Memoriam.

IN MEMORIAM: An F3 rememberance of a departed HIM. Abbr: IM.

IN ORDER TO: The transitional phrase between the Task and Purpose in a Mission statement. Abbr: IOT.


INSTITUTIONALISM: A Bullfrog’s preference for existential continuity over the Effective accomplishment of an Articulated Purpose.

IOT: Short for In Order To.

IPA MILLENIAL: A millenial born after 1995.

IR: Short for Injured Reserve.

IRISH GOODBYE: Slinking away early from a Workout (or other Event) without telling anybody you are leaving.

IRISH TAX: A hangover.

IRON SHARPENS IRON: The method by which one man Sharpens another. Abbr: ISI.

ISI: Short for Iron Sharpens Iron.

I2: Short for Individual Initiative.

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JACKASS: A man who lives for himself, rather than Living Third.

JANSPORT: Those PAX who like to go slow and heavy. Also tend to be collectors of Gear.

JAR: Short for Joy And Rapture.

JELLY LUBE: Those PAX who finish each Exercise in a Workout first by short counting it.

JESTER: The temptation of the flesh that hinders Acceleration. (Q1.4).

JOY: A permanent state of deep Contentment unaffected by external circumstance.

JOY AND RAPTURE: A sardonic observation about an undesirable Outcome. Abbr: JAR.

JUDAS: When a PAX breaks wind during the prayer and/or DEVO, therefore betraying all other PAX.

JUSTIFIER: The reproductive organ with which a Male comes Equipped from birth.

JUST SAYING: A sardonic post-script to a negative observation.

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KAD: Short for Kool-Aide Drinkers.

KEVIN DURANT: A PAX who frequently strays from his home-AO to visit distant AOs.

KIMONO: A man whose watchword is personal Comfort rather than Mission accomplishment.

KING: The daily discipline of physically training the body. (Q1.2).

KING OF BIRDS: The recognition by a HIM that he is standing on the shoulders of giants. Abbr: KOB.

KING OF THE WORLD: A Faith-less man. A Jackass.

KIPER: A Fartsacker who critiques but never Q’s.

KNOCKER UPPER: A brother who takes the responsibility of waking up his fellow pax in time to post. This practice was a legitimate profession before alarm clocks were reliable (look it up).

KNOX ROLL: Any act or omission by a Presbyterian (or anyone with a Justifier) so weak and kittenish that it would cause John Knox to roll over in his grave and moan in despair.

KOB: Short for King Of Birds.

KOOL-AIDE DRINKERS: Those PAX who love F3 in all of its glorious manifestations. Abbr: KAD.

KOTTERS: Greetings of welcome to a man who Posts to a Workout after a prolonged absence.

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LANGUAGE: The Lexicon of Effective Leadership. (F2).

LARRY BIRD: Exceeding expectations through Zeal and Resilience.

LBE: Short for Lead By Example.

LBZ: The HIM’s Habit of a daily weigh-in and FUPA-tape for Accountability.

LDP: Short for Leader Development Process.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE: A Leader’s demonstrative manifestation of the Courage of his own convictions. Abbr: LBE.

LEADER: A person who Influences Movement to Advantage.

LEADERSHIP: Influencing Movement to Advantage.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: The process employed by a Group to develop new Leaders. Abbr: LDP. (F4).

LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION: A Leader’s integrity of thought and action. (Q3.12).

LEADERSHIP SKILLS: The capabilities possessed by a man that enable him to do what an Effective Leader does.

LEADERSHIP VIRTUES: The Habits and Ethics possessed by a man that make him what a Virtuous Leader is.

LEAD RIGHT: The Practice of Virtuous Leadership.

LEAKAGE: That which emanates from the PAX during a Workout in high humidity. Particularly prevelant during a Snot Woggle.

LEAP: F3’s primary method of Planting Nomads in areas where F3 has not yet penetrated.

LEATHERNECK: The Marine Corps Mud Run in F3/COLA. A CSAUP.

LEAVE RIGHT: The construction of Legacy.

LEECH: A Leaderless Organization that lacks an Articulated Purpose and only survives by feeding off of Bullfrogs.

LEGACY: What a Virtuous Leader leaves behind through the Effective performance of his Mission during his life. (Q4.1).

LEXICON: F3’s unique language.

LIFO: A PAX who is last-in and/or first-out of a Workout.

LIGHT OF MY LIFE: A Q’s M or CBD. The doe of his youth. Abbr: LOML.

LINGO: F3’s unique name for a thing, idea or location.

LIVE RIGHT: The dedication to Purposefulness. (Q2).

LIVING THIRD: The consistent and deliberate placement of oneself third, behind Creator and Community.

LIZARD: An Organization that is dedicated to the Effective achievement of its Mission.

LIZARD BUILDING: The building of Effective Organizations. (Q4.4).

LIZARD KING: A Leader within a Lizard.

LOCKING SHIELDS: The Q’s combination with other Qs to form a Shield Lock within a Community or Organization.

LOGJAM: The logistical details of an Event.

LOML: Short for the Light Of My Life.

LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE: What a LOML pours into a HIM in response to his Effectiveness as a husband and father. Abbr: LP9.

LP9: Short for Love Potion Number Nine.

LUKEWARM CORRIDOR: The area of a Community that relies upon wealth and good deeds to justify itself to the Creator.

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M: The transformative relationship between a man and his wife. (Q1.5).

MAGICH8BALL: What a PAX Emotionally spins to decide where to Post in the AM.

MAIN EFFORT: The Task designated by the Q as critical for Mission accomplishment. Abbr: ME.

MALE: A human born with a Justifier.

MAMMON: The sustaining relationship between a man and his work. (Q1.9).

MANSON LAMPS: Crazy looking eyes.

MASCOT: A symbol of a something rather than the something itself.

MASCULINITY: Courageous love.

ME: Short for Main Effort.

MEAN MEAN STRIDE: The Q’s use of Persuasion to Influence other men to his Vision.

MEETING: The public manifestation of Faith. (Q1.12).

MEMBER: A person who belongs to a Group.

MENSCH: A Male Community Leader who exemplifies Virtute in word and deed.

MET: Short for Mission-essential Task.

MIDWIFE NOISES: Groaning, moaning and other verbal utterances heard during a Workout when the Q turns the Beat Down up to eleven.

MISSION: A course of action taken to accomplish an Articulated Purpose.

MISSIONALITY: Life led to Purpose. (Q2.3).

MISSIONALITY.TEAM: Prioritizing Team Mission accomplishment. (Q4.9).

MISSION-ESSENTIAL TASK: A Task that must be performed to accomplish the Mission. Abbr: MET.

MOMENTUM: Sustained Movement resulting from Acceleration.

MOTHERSHIP: The first F3 Workout.

MOVEMENT: Actions taken in furtherance of Purpose.

MUMBLE CHATTER: Talking incessantly during the Workout to Inspire the Q, encourage the other PAX and/or connect with FNGs.

MUSTARD SEED: Planting a new Workout through a Q who has moved from an established AO to a new Community.

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NAKED-MAN MOLESKIN: That portion of the BackBlast in which the Q describes interesting things about the Workout that are at least partially true.

NAME-O-RAMA: That stage of the COT during which each PAX announces his Hospital Name, his age and his F3Name.

NANTAN: A cultural/spiritual Leader within a Starfish-modelled Organization who Influences through VAPE.

NATION: The Tentpole of F3N.

NATVILLE: Greensboro, NC. The home of a deep patriotic spirit that has recently reasserted itself.

NOMAD: An F3 Workout that is not part of an established Region.

NORTH CLICK: The State of North Carolina.

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1E: Short for First Estate.

1KW: Short for One-Thousand Words.

OBE: Short for Overcome By Events.

OAC: Short for Observe And Criticize.

OBSERVE AND CRITICIZE: Non-judgmental awareness.

OBSTACLE: A Problem that impedes Movement.

OCONUS: The part of the Big Ball that is not within the lower 48 United States of America.

OFF THE BOOKS: A Workout that is not regularly scheduled. Abbr: OTB.

OLD: Those PAX in their 40s.

OML: The list of projected LEAP Plants maintained by the QPlant of The Nation.

ONE-THOUSAND WORDS: What a picture speaks. Abbr: 1KW.

ON THE LOG: Putting one’s shoulder to the log during a GORUCK. Abbr: OTL.

OPPORTUNITY: A position within a Group that provides the holder with Leadership experience as part of an LDP. (Q3.15).

OPRAH BOMB: A sage-sounding platitude of little practical value.

ORGANIZATION: A Group of two or more people that voluntarily combine for the accomplishment of an Articulated Purpose.

ORGASM LAP: Any sort of short run and/or gesticulation done to achieve an acceptable number on your GPS watch for purposes of Strava bragging (i.e. — actually running a 4.92 mile course, but adding 0.08 more post-fact to achieve an even 5 miles).

OTB: Short for Off The Books.

OTL: Short for On The Log.

OTIS BOMB: An unsolicited demand to an Organization that it solve a Problem without provision of the Solution.

OUTCOME: What happens or fails to happen, whether good or bad.

OVERCOME BY EVENTS: The mooting of a pending Task or planned Event by unfolding circumstances. Abbr: OBE.

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PBJ: Short for Park Beer Jam.

PANHANDLE DAISY: Any weed commonly found in the redneck riviera.

PARK BEER JAM: The EH technique of following a Workout with happy hour instead of Coffeeteria. Abbr: PBJ

PAX: A Member of F3Nation.

PD: Short for Proactive Deconfliction.

PEACOCK WEDGE: A Community with reinvigorated Male Leadership.

PERSAUSION: Initiating first Movement. (Q3.10).

PETINO: A legal, moral or ethical failure.

PHRASING: A call to restate something that was inadvertently misstated.

PHT: Short for Positive Habit Transfer.

PICKLE TOE: The use of a minor injury as an excuse to Smart Sack.

PLACES OF INFLUENCE: The locations and Groups where a man has high IMPACT. Abbr: POI.

PLANT: To establish a new Workout.

PLATINUM: The rule of treating other men the way they want to be treated.

POI: Short for Places Of Influence.

POSITIVE HABIT TRANSFER: Passing of valuable Skills and habits to other men. Abbr: PHT. (Q2.4).

POST: To appear and participate in an Event.

PRACTICE: The practical application of a Skill to turn head knowledge into heart knowledge.

PRAYER: A man’s daily discipline of talking with his Creator in order to build his Faith. (Q1.10).

PREPAREDNESS: Getting ready for the expected while being ready for the unexpected. (F5).

PRIUS: A symbolic act of Virtue that does not itself solve a Problem.

PRO: A man focused on Preparedness.

PROACTIVE DECONFLICTION: Reducing Friction before it causes Inertia. Abbr: PD.

PROBLEM: A Group dis-Advantage that can and must be remedied.

PROFIT: The reward a Member receives for realizing an Advantage for the Group.

PROXIMITY: Nearness in geography or relationship.

PURPOSE: An Advantage sought.

PURPOSEFULNESS: Commitment to Purpose.

PUSSY CATTING: Procrastination by spinning around in an Emotional circle.

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Q: A Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome. (Q1.1).

QDRENALINE: A biochemical released into the body only at times when one Qs a workout, thereby causing said Q to be run faster, lift heavier, and talk louder than at any other time. In excessive doses, it can cause the Q to become overzealous and lead to an excessive amount of mumblechatter from the Pax.

QPOINT: The individual components that comprise each quadrant of the G3L.

QUEEN: The daily discipline over what is put into the body. (Q1.3).

QSOURCE: The Wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise Virtuous Leadership.

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RED PILL: The choice of the hard-true life of the HIM over the easy-true life of the Mascot.

REDWOOD ORIGINAL: A man who was there when it all started.

REGION: A collection of Workouts grouped geographically under one Nantan.

REPAT: Gradually increasing the intensity of one’s Workouts post-CSAUP or post-IR. The inverse of Taper.

REPLICANT: A PAX who can be mistaken for another PAX in the Gloom due to similar posture, ethnicity, hairline, mannerisms and/or exercise form.

RESILIENCE: A Leader’s ability to overcome Obstacles and solve Problems.

RESOLUTIONIST: A man who takes the Red Pill on 1/1, but is back to the Blue Pill by 2/1.

RESPECT: A PAX who has reached his 50th birthday.

RESTRICTOR PLATE: Wearing a weight vest during a Workout.

REVERSE FLOW INCUBATOR: The F3 model for the flow of Organizational Outcomes, from the PAX to the Governance. Abbr: RFI.

RFI: Short for Reverse Flow Incubator.

RIFTY: Those PAX who are 50+ and ripped.

RIGHT: The normal and upright position.

RISING: The recognition of demonstrable Acceleration by an individual or Group.

ROUTINE: A conjunction of Bricks that forms a Guardrail.

ROYALTY RACE: The daily battle to Accelerate the King, Queen and Jester.

RUCKERS: Those PAX who like to engage in Ruckership.

RUCKERSHIP: The special brand of Fellowship engendendered by men moving together under ruck.

RWO: Short for Redwood Original.

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SAD CLOWN: A man with Decelerating Fitness, Fellowship and/or Faith.

SAD CLOWN SYNDROME: A state of chronic Sad Clown-ism.

SARONG: A towel wrapped around one’s waist in preparation or recovery from a Workout.

SCHOOLING: The phase of an LDP during which formal Leadership instruction is provided. (Q3.13)

SCRIPTURE: A verse of Wisdom that exemplifies the Statement and demonstrates the timeless nature of the leadership concept that it represents.

SECOND BELL: That which rings in the Super Unknown when a PAX makes his VQ.

SECOND F: Fellowship. AKA: 2F.

SERVANT: A man whose Purpose is to seek Advantage for others.

SERVE: To seek Advantage for others.

SFB: Short for Support F3-Owned Businesses.

SHACKLETON: A Workout done in wind chill below 10F, without losing any PAX.

SHAKE: Exhorting a man to perform a Task he committed to performing.

SHARED LEADERSHIP: A dynamic, interactive influence process among individuals in groups for which the objective is to lead one another to the achievement of group or organizational goals or both.

SHARPENING: The process by which the Stone Equips a Blade for Leadership.

SHART: Unwisely breaking wind during a Workout without full assurance of a dry outcome.

SHARTSACK: The act of missing, arriving late to, or checking out and returning to a post due to nature calling.

SHEPHERD: A spiritual Leader of a Faith Community.

SHIELD LOCK: The horizontal relationship between men. (Q1.7).

SHORTIES: The sacrificial relationship between a man and his children. (Q1.6).

SHOVEL FLAG: Old Glory on top of a long-shaft shovel. Although not mandatory, each F3 Workout seems to own one. The Q pounds it into the ground to provide the Faithful a point in the Gloom around which to rally.

SIDE SOURCING: Delegating sideways to a Team Member who has a complimentary Dolphin.

SIFTER: Male loneliness caused by lack of meaningful relationships with other men.

SITE-Q: The Leader charged with overall responsibility for a particular Workout.

SIX: Your posterior end, or the PAX at the trailing end of a Workout. The place most FNG’s start, but where few remain for long if they keep taking the DRP.

SKILL: A particular ability that requires Practice to Accelerate.

SKY-Q: A man’s view of the force that created and directs him.

SL: Short for Shield Lock.

SLIP KICK: The deflection of Comz to the responsible Q.

SMART SACK: Legitimate rest or recovery.

SMOKE BOOTS: Emotional shoes worn by the Q who delivers a Snot Woggle.

SNOT WOGGLE: A Workout that shuts down Mumble Chatter and leaves the PAX looking backwards half-unconscious from the pain.

SOCCER ARMS: Stringiness of limb caused by an imbalance in 3S2T.

SOCRATIC: Questions that elicit discourse about a QPoint.

SOLUTION: The remedy designed to solve a Problem.

SOUTH CLICK: The State of South Carolina.

SOPRANO: The PAX who never shuts up during a Workout.

SPONSOR: The PAX who EH’s an FNG to his first Workout and (hopefully) Posts with him.

SPREAD SHEETING: Keeping track of the details.

SPUR: Concise takeaway of a QPoint.

SSAUP: A Service-oriented CSAUP.

SSL: Short for Sua Sponte Leadership.

STAMPED: Using another man’s Zeal as the Spur to sprint past him at the finish line.

STANDARD: An objective measure of performance or behavior.

STARSKY: The act of Fartsacking a Workout while still Posting for Coffeeteria.

START EX: The initiating time and place of an Event.

STATEMENT: The organizing principle of a QPoint.

STATUS QUO: The state of non-Movement.

STEFANI: Wisdom of which there is no doubt.

S2G: Exhortation through the loving application of sarcastic shame-goading.

STICKS: Incentives that punish undesirable behavior within a Group.

STONE: A man who Sharpens another man within a Whetstone relationship.

S2T: Short for Support The Troops.

STUDY: The daily exploration into the foundations of Faith. (Q1.11).

SUA SPONTE LEADERSHIP: Leadership in the absence of direct authority by taking charge without orders. Abbr: SSL. (Q4.10).

SUGAR RAY: PAX tending toward the ectomorphic body type.

SUNSHINE BAZOOKA: To explosively offer encouragement, with limited precision, for the purpose of lifting spirits during a CSAUP.

SUPER UNKNOWN: A realm not clearly visible on the Big Ball that, nonetheless, is still believed through Faith to exist.

SUPPORT THE TROOPS: The Committment of F3Nation to support the men and women of our armed forces both while they serve and when they return home. Abbr: S2T.

SUPPORT F3-OWNED BUSINESS: The voluntary patronage of businesses owned by PAX. Abbr: SFB.

SURRENDER MONKEY: A non-Resiliant man.

SUR-SER CONTINUUM: The span between a Survivor and a Servant.

SURVIVOR: A man who depends upon the Community for his existential continuity.

SWIRLING SNAKES: What dwells in the head of a HIM with a vibrant imagination.

SYITG: Short for See You In The Gloom. An F3ish Hasta la vista!

SYNTHESIS: A brief essay that expounds and explains a QPoint.

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TAG: Recognition of the emblazonment of the F3 Logo or F3 Wisdom.

TAP: Short for Thoughts And Prayers.

TAPER: Trailing off the intensity of one’s Workout schedule in anticipation of a CSAUP.

TARGETING: The initiation of Missionality in the lives of other men. (Q2.7)

TASK: An action performed.

T-BONE: The only proper way to share a bed with another man. Pole to pole or hole to hole. Never the twain shall meet.

TBOTS: The Brotherhood Of (the) Travelling Sarong.

TBQ: Short for Total Bowel Quiver.

TBYC: Short for The Best You Can.

TCLAPS: Short for Triple Claps.

TEAM: A Proximate combination of two or more people formed to perform a specific Mission for the benefit of a Community, an Organization or both.

TEAM (acronym): The Team Development Process: Trust, Equipping, Accountability and Missionality.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT: The formation and deployment of a Dynamic Team. (Q4.5).

TEAMWORK: Combined action that is efficient and potent.

10KH: Short for Ten Thousand Hours.

10/90: The general premise that 10% of the people in any Community or Organization will account for 90% of its IMPACT.

TEN THOUSAND HOURS: The amount of time a person must spend performing a skill to become Competent. Abbr: 10KH.

TENTPOLE: The smallish Leadership group that acts as the Governance of a Lizard.

T500: Short for Third-500.

THAT SOMEBODY: A HIM who doesn’t wait for somebody else to do something or grumble when somebody else makes him do something, because he IS That Somebody who is already doing something.

THE BEST YOU CAN: What a HIM does, gives and asks for from other people. Abbr: TBYC

THE IRON PROJECT: F3’s Leadership School. Abbr: TIP.

THE RUCKERSHIP NETWORK: The affiliation of Groups and PAX who Accelerate their Fitness and Fellowship through Ruckership. Abbr: TRN.

THIRD-F: Faith. AKA: 3F.

THIRD-500: The ages of 40-60 (roughly) when a man will win or lose the race set out for him based upon whether or not he has continued to Accelerate through the first half of his life. Abbr: T500.

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS: An expression of love and Faith-inspired empathy for a fellow human being. Abbr: TAP.

3S2T: Strength, Speed, Stamina, Toughness (physical) and Toughness (mental).

THIRD: The place in line behind his Creator and Community where a Virtuous Leader places himself.

3P (RULE OF): To be Effective, a Team must be Proximate, Purposeful and periodic.

3VITE: An invitation to The Nation from a Region or Nomad to Post to a Workout.

TIP: Short for The Iron Project.

TOTAL BOWL QUIVER: An Exercise so difficult that a man kinda loses his . . .well, you get the picture. Abbr: TBQ.

TOXIC: A Member whose Purpose is misaligned with that of their Group.

TPG: Short for Train Past Game.

TRAIN PAST GAME: Working to a higher standard in preparation for an Event than the Event will require. Abbr: TPG.

TRAP HOUSE PIONEER: A guy who lives in a bad neighborhood to prove a point.

TRILL: A something that is true + real.

TRIPLE CLAPS: Three short explosive claps, executed in sincere admiration for someone or something. Usually performed Emotionally. Abbr: TClaps.

TRN: Short for The Ruckership Network.

TRUST: Reliance between Team Members. (Q4.6).

TRUTH: A transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality.

TRUTH NUGGET: A smallish chunk of Truth baked into a breading of humor, exaggeration and/or innuendo to make it palatable, interesting and/or memorable.

TURKEY PUNCH: To provide a spiritual or emotional catylist to another PAX through positive Influence.

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UA: short for Unexcused Absence.

ULP: Short for Ultimate Life Problem.

ULTIMATE LIFE PROBLEM: The Problem the Q was uniquely born to solve. Abbr: ULP. (Q4.2).

ULTIMATE PURPOSE: The solution to the Q’s ULP. Abbr: UP. (Q4.3).

UNEXCUSED ABSENCE: A man’s unmitigated failure to Post to a Workout or other Event for which he HC’d. Abbr: UA.

UP: Short for Ultimate Purpose.

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VAPE: Acronym for the four F3 Leadership Skills: Vision, Articulation, Persuasion and Exhortation.

VIRGIN-Q: A man’s first Q of an F3 Workout. Abbr: VQ.

VIRTUE: The individual behaivior, Habits and ethics that are beneficial to a Group. (Q3.1).

VIRTUE CREDITS: The Goo-based idea that a man can offset the damage he does to his Group with self-defined acts of Virtue.

VIRTUOUS LEADER: An Effective Leader who seeks a Virtuous Outcome. (Q3.2).

VISION:The ability to see the necessary Outcomes that form the path to accomplishing an Articulated Purpose. (Q3.8).

VQ: Short for Virgin-Q.

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WAR BABY: The youngest man at an Event.

WAR DADDY: The oldest man at an Event.

WAS-NOW: A story of change through IMPACT. There I WAS, then this happened, and here I am NOW.

WBD: Short for Wierdest Backblast of the Day.

WEASEL SHAKER: The Member of a Team whose Dolphin is spreadsheeting.

WEINKE: A written list of the Exercises a Q intends to call at a Workout.

WHAT-WHAT: The two questions of Faith: WHAT happens when I die? WHAT does that mean about the way I should live?

WHETSTONE: The vertical relationship between men. (Q1.8).

WHIPPET: A man whose head is abnormally small and/or disturbingly narrow, like a chicklet with a face painted on it. A Whippet with insufficient body fat is often referred to as a Shivering Whippet.

WHIRLEY BOY: Moving in a totally random manner in lieu of performing the actual exercise called. The PAX performing the WhirleyBoy usually refers to it as modifying. This is usually done by wildly waving arms about or performing high knees while standing still and grunting as if exerting oneself to an extreme. (Did you see the WhirleyBoy in the CoP? Those were some funny looking LBCs!)

WHISKEY-DICKING: Tentative execution of a Task.

WHISKEY KNEE: A post-weekend affliction leading to a prolonged UA. AKA: Irish Tax.

WHO-DOES: The premise that while no man is fully satisfied by WHO he is, every man DOES exactly what he wants to do.

WIB: Short for Workout In A Bag.

WIERDEST BACKBLAST of the DAY: A completely subjective determination by The Nation that a particular Backblast is (well) really wierd (which is a good thing actually). Abbr: WBD.

WISDOM: Practical insight with spiritual implications.

WON’T YOU HELP: A request for material assistance. Abbr: WYH.

WORKOUT: An F3 exercise Event.

WORKOUT CARDIGAN: Any old-mannish and inappropriate piece of gear worn to a Workout by a PAX who should know better.

WORKOUT IN A BAG: A predetermined set of Exercises done by the PAX at their own pace and without cadence. Abbr: WIB.

WY________: Won’t You (fill in verb here as necessary to make point).

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YARIS: A smallish vehicle driven to exude a Commitment to conserving Dead Dinosaurs.

YATF: Short for Yelling At The Fox.

YELLING AT THE FOX: Life led in reaction to things that one cannot Influcence (like Fox News). Abbr: YATF.

YHC: Short for Your Humble Correspondent.

YOUR HUMBLE CORRESPONDENT: A margininally acceptable way to refer to oneself in the third person. Abbr: YHC.

YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY: What every man becomes without the DRP. Abbr: YOWE.

YOWE: Short for Your Own Worst Enemy.

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ZEAL: The determination required to Lead Effectively.

ZUCKERING: Building a fancy house without a foundation.

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