V is for V-muscle; B is for Beach body!

AO: Rumble QiC: Nurse Jackie Conditions: 38 degrees and clear PAX (8): Wee-Man, Frodo, Yo-Gi, Knobby, Paycheck, Booger, Big Hurt, Nurse Jackie (QiC). Disclaimer: Nurse Jackie always reminds the PAX that they have to be careful but they should push themselves. Warmup: Nurse Jackie warned the PAX that they should stretch. He was reminded we... Continue Reading →

Pom Pom’s – Down for the count…

AO: Scrooge  Conditions: 35 degrees Pax (16): Big Worm, Billy Ho, Boucher, Bunker, Cinnamon, Foxy, Geppetto, Jefferson, Night Light, Pinto, Pom Pom (QIC), Sharpie, Shuttlecock, Speedwalker (pre work), Thunderbird, & Web.  Disclaimer: ✅ Warmup: Little Arm Circles IC x8Reverse IC x8Forward Claps IC x8Overhead Claps IC x8Through the Tunnel IC x8Imperial Walkers IC x8 ABCs... Continue Reading →


AO: Scrooge Conditions: 39 and Ripe for Acceleration. PAX (10): Nurse Jackie, Ginger, Boucher, Wee Man, Web, Shuttlecock, Pinto, Big Worm, Squatter, Paycheck (QIC) Disclaimer Warmup, In Cadence: Thru The SloTunnel, x 20 Heels To Heaven, x15 Flutter Kicks, x20 Hello Dolly, x20 Shoulder Taps, x 20 Mountain Climbers, x20 Hand Release Merkins, x 10... Continue Reading →

Pre-blast for the week of 2/21/20

    Rundown of the Beatdowns for this week:   Monday: 0530 am Scrooge → Q: Paycheck Rumble → Q: Knobby Tuesday: 0530 am Scrooge → Run/Ruck Wednesday: 0530 am Scrooge → Q: Pom Pom Rumble → Q: Nurse Jackie Thursday: 5:30 am Grayskull (W. Flo HS) → : Ruck, Distance, Speed work or IPC... Continue Reading →

No wrong way to do a right thing!

When:  2/20/21 QIC: CinnaMan The Pax: WeeMan, Thriller, Big Worm, Pom Pom, Dipstick, Night Light, Boucher, Glowstick, Monkey, Big Hurt, Billy Ho, Ginger, Yogi, Paycheck, Bunker, Squatter, Cinnamon (QIC) [ Speedwalker / Shuttlecock - Pre-Work ] Conditions: 34 degrees F, Sunny'ish on the rail trail Disclaimer: Done Warm-O-Rama Mosey Hoppa's Yard - 10 SSH IC /... Continue Reading →

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