9/11 Tribute Workout

When: 9/11/19 Conditions: 71 Degrees F The PAX: Thriller, Banjo, Flasher, Can You Hear Me Now, Boone's Farm, Milton (QIC) The Thang: Disclaimer Warmup: SSH x 9 IC Little Arm Circles x 11 IC Imperial Walkers x 9 IC Through the Tunnel x 11 IC Mosey to tennis courts Read flight details at each corner Sprint... Continue Reading →

Chutes and Ladders

When:  9/4/19 QIC: Booger The Pax: Biscuit, Knobby, Booger(QIC) Conditions: 74 degrees F The Thang Disclaimer Warm-Up SSH x 10 4CT IC Forward LAC x 10 4CT IC Backwards LAC x 10 4CT IC Forward Claps x 10 4CT IC Overhead Claps x 10 4CT IC Imperial Walker x 10 4CT IC Slow Low Squats x... Continue Reading →


When: 2019/08/12 Weather: 76 and Muggy QIC: Yo – Gi Pax: Booger, Cicada, Fracture (FNG), Knobby, Paula Dean ***YHC & Knobby quickly confirms that Flanders, yet again, has disseminated bad information. Threadcount was in fact NOT the Q and that meant the PAX were in for a rude awakening. YHC gives the disclaimer and proceeds... Continue Reading →

YES! Yogi has the Q. Said no one ever.

When: 2019/08/07 Weather: 76 and Muggy QIC: Yo – Gi Pax: Booger, CDC, Cicada(FNG), CYHMN, Knobby, Paycheck ***Paycheck' comes galloping into the parking lot like a graceful stallion. Almost like they planned it, here comes Booger trotting in as he decided to run to the AO as well. Strong work! YHC gives the disclaimer and... Continue Reading →

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