Premurder Bunny Roulette

AO: Scrooge Pax: Dora, Chilla, Big Hurt, Tender Spice, Pinto, Web(QIC) Warmup: SSH (8x) Merkins (8x) Through the Tunnels (9x) Hello Dollies (8x) Mountain Climbers (8x) Little Arm Circles (16x) forward and reverse Big Arm Circles (8x) forward and reverse Imperial Walkers (8x) The Thang: Carry block to start of 4 Corners 4 Corners with... Continue Reading →

The Revenge of the Murder Bunnies

AO: Scrooge Pax: Kimchi, Ginger, TenderSpice, Tugboat, Nurse Jackey, Moses, Thriller, Pinto, Web(QIC) Warmup: Indian Run to and from Sneed Workout: Mosey to Hopper's Yard Murder Bunnies Galore: 1 rep is Murder Bunny across Hopper's Yard, 6 inches for 30 seconds, take the block back with it above the head, run a lap, exercise across... Continue Reading →

Baseball Field Fun

QIC: Web PAX: Ginger, Belding, Big Worm, Bunker, Govna', Thriller, Web(QIC), Boucher, Pinto Warmup: 1 Lap around Hopper's Yard 10 Side Straddle Hops10 Merkins10 Imperial Walkers10 Through the Tunnels26 Mountain Climbers Workout: 1 Lap around Hopper's Yard Mosey to the baseball field's home plate Round the Bases and Outfield (exercise at each base x 10, exercise between bases, then... Continue Reading →

Picnic Area Fun

Conditions:Cold, discombobulating, and rainyQIC: Web (aka Dark Web)PAX: Big Worm, Thriller, Belding, Bunker, Web (Dark Web and QIC)Warmup:- 20 x Mountain Climbers- 20 x Flutter Kicks- 12 x Hello Dollies- 12 x Box Cutters- 10 x Imperial WalkersThe Thang:20 x LBCs20 x Squats20 x Dips20 x Merkins16 Gas Pumpers4 Rounds of the Following:40 second Air... Continue Reading →

Multiples of 3 Leave It Be

4/28/21QIC: Web Pax:Thriller, Billy Ho, Big Worm, Pinto, Bunker, Thunderbird, Glow Stick, Belding, Socrates, Web(QIC) Warmup: 9 x Through the Tunnel18 x Frankensteins 9 x Merkins 9 x Burpees OYO9 x Hello Dollies9 x Box Cutters The Thang: Mosey to Hopper's Yard with block (far side), Murder Bunny to the other side, Mosey with block... Continue Reading →

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