12 is the new 15

When: 7am Where: Scrooge Who: CDC, Yo-Gi, Monkey, Weeman, Frodo, bunker, nightlight, Flanders, SF, Boucher, thriller, airhead, Belding, web, kimchi, musk, Pom Pom, pinto. What:  disclaimer  warmup  12 low and slow squats 12 little arm circles x 2 60 4-count flutter kicks Mosey around Ebenezer Church and back to tennis courts. 12 corners 1-12 reps... Continue Reading →


Monday Sept 13th 2018 Pax: CDC, PAYCHECK, BOOGER, SPIRIT FINGERS, MONKEY 5 pax decided Rumble was a better option than sleep. Disclaimer Warm-up Through the tunnel x 10 IC Imperial walker × 15 IC American hammers x 10 OYO Arm circles forward and backwards x 10 IC Overhead claps ×10 IC Mosey The Thang Light... Continue Reading →

6/18 Monkey Rumble Run Fest

QIC: Monkey PAX: Spirit fingers, Booger, Monkey, and Soccer mom 4 pax went down an almost 4 mile path that led them to suckville. Humidity is not your friend!!! Warmup Thru the tunnel Imperial walkers Arm circles Merkins THE THANG: SSH/Burpee suicides on front street using light poles. 2,4,6,8,10,12 burpees with 10 ssh at start... Continue Reading →

6/16 Monkeys Rumble AMRAP

QIC: MONKEY PAX: speedwalker, yogi, lemon, flo, zumba, monkey, short circuit(downrange from greensboro), cdc, threadcount, booger, biscuit, spam, milton   13 pax showed up to push themselves @ rumble with a 350% humidity. Disclaimer Warmup: Thru the tunnel × 13 IC Arm circles forward then reverse × 13 IC 20 squats OYO Mosey for a... Continue Reading →

Monkey Mountain

Date: 04-21-18 Q: Monkey Pax: cdc, scrambled eggs, mr rogers, monkey, yogi, thrilla, booger , biscuit, dunkin, spam, jefferson,villa, airhead, ready mix, ginger, madonna(fng), pichachu, spirit fingers, NJ, uhaul, big worm, squatter, moped, flanders, tbird, paycheck, Flo(fng). 28 pax braved the element to do the Everest workout that I am renaming Monkey Mountain! Even though... Continue Reading →

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