A taste of IHOP

  WHEN: 1/11/20 QIC: Pinto Pax: Pre Murph: Pinto, Yogi, Big Worm, Thriller. Pre Ruck: Nurse Jackie, Wide Right. Bootcamp: Pinto, Yogi, Big Worm, Thriller, Nurse Jackie, Dipstick, Spirit Fingers, CDC, Gov'na, Wee Man. Warm-up: 10 count ic Little arm circles Forward claps Through the tunnel Imperial walkers Side straddle hops 2 laps around hopa's... Continue Reading →

There’s a pill for that

8/03/2019 QIC: Pinto Pax: Belding, Thriller, Yogi, Big Worm, Ginger, Flasher, Johnny 5, Dipstick, Polynesian, Boones Farm, Speed Walker. FNG: Boucher (Chestly Morris) Warm up: Little arm circles (15ic) hold arms out (10 sec.) Big arm circles (15ic) Hold arms out (10 sec.) Overhead claps (15ic) Hold arms out (10 sec.) Forward claps (15ic) Through... Continue Reading →

We did include legs

When: 3/16/2019 QIC: Pinto Pax: Big Worm, Belding, Moped (respect), Ginger, Knobby, Pinto (QIC) Warm-up: Overhead Claps - 20 IC Body huggers - 20 IC Through the tunnel - 20 IC Side straddle hop - 20 IC 2 laps around hoppa's yard, ling up along long side of track. The Thang: 20 BBS - lunge... Continue Reading →

Just a fence

01/23/2019 Pax: Thriller (respect), Belding (respect), Moped (respect), Dizzy, Flanders, Squatter, Broadway, Yogi, Johnny 5, Flasher, Ginger (7 minutes), Big Worm, Pinto (QIC) Warm up: BAC IC OHC IC Through the tunnel (aka Tappy Taps) IC Imperial Walkers IC Side Straddle Hop IC Low Slow Squats One Lap Around Hoppa’s Yard The Thang Black Jack -... Continue Reading →

Are you in my circle?

When: 7/25/18 QIC: Pinto The Pax: Moped (respect), Spam (respect), Little Tony, Fender, Ice-T, Yogi, Bobby B, Dizzy,  King Pin (respect), Thriller, Landon Barns (FNG), Thunderbird, Milton, Thread Count, Squib, Belding, Pinto (QIC) Conditions: 74 degrees F, real feel 84. Humidity, yes. Gray clouds in the distance. Disclaimer Warm-Up Big Arm Circles: -Forward x 10 4CT... Continue Reading →

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