Metal Monday Mayhem

8.23.21 AO:Rumble Pax: Bridesmaid, Bunker, Dipstick, Frodo, Sharpie, Wee Man, Paycheck (QIC) Disclaimer Warmup (in cadence): -Prisoner Squats x 10 -Forward Claps x10 -High Knees x20 -It’s Monday, y’all look too serious; Richard Simmons (Forward Claps and High Knees) x10 -Big Arm Circles + reverse Pax grabbed the nice toys and moseyed across the playground... Continue Reading →

Paycheck Pilates*

* - Highly Unorthodox; 0.00% Pilates. Chosen solely for phonetic purposes 08.07.21 AO: Scrooge PAX: Tendie Spice, Pinto, Belding, Tugboat, Bunker, Ginger, Paycheck (QIC) Conditions: Mild, Muggy, Conducive for Acceleration Mileage: ~3mi Disclaimer Warmup:  Big Arm Circles & Reverse x 10 Forward Claps x 10 Overhead Claps x 10 High Knees x 10 Richard Simmons... Continue Reading →

2.0 Workout! Mario Mini Games

7.31.21 AO: Scrooge Conditions: 7AM Summer, SC 29501 Pax: Kimchi, MacGyver, Tendie Spice, Squatter +2.0s, Tugboat + FNG(Dinghy...WELCOME), Night Light + 2.0s, Pinto, Periscope + 2.0s, Gepetto, Paycheck (QIC) -21 Pax total. ____________________ Warmup: Forward Arm circles x 10 Reverse Arm circles x 10 High Knees x 20 Side Straddle Hops x 20 1 lap... Continue Reading →

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