WHEN 4.05.21 AO: RUMBLE THE PAX (3): POISON (FNG, WELCOME), WEE MAN, PAYCHECK (Q) CONDITIONS: Blue Skies, 80s, Spring-like, ripe for Acceleration Yesterday evening, I gave the M the workout slot. By 11:30, I knew it had be done. At lunchtime, I called a PM Metal Monday. Disclaimer Warm-O-Rama, in cadence: Big Arm Circles, 10x... Continue Reading →


3.10.21 AO: Rumble Conditions: 43F, Ripe for Acceleration PAX (6): Dipstick, Wee Man, Yogi, Frodo, CDC Q: Paycheck (YCH) Preruck(4): Speedwalker, Dipstick, Wee Man, Paycheck Bootcamp Milage: 1.17mi WARMUP:A-In Cadence x 10 Through the Tunnel Overhead Claps Foward Claps/Give yourself applause/fan yourself (you know who you are) Inchworms/Reverse Through The Tunnel- hands between feet, walk hands... Continue Reading →

Don’t Take it for Granite.

3.1.21 AO: Rumble PAX: Booger, CDC, Frodo, Monkey, Sharpie, Paycheck (YHC) Q: Paycheck Conditions: Nice. Ripe for Acceleration WARM-O-RAMA: Through the Tunnel x 12 High Knees Big Arm Circles & Reverse x 10 each Bear Crawl to: Planter Box Step Ups x 20 Shoulder Taps, in cadence, x 10 Mountain Climbers Chest Bump Incline Merkins,... Continue Reading →


AO: Scrooge Conditions: 39 and Ripe for Acceleration. PAX (10): Nurse Jackie, Ginger, Boucher, Wee Man, Web, Shuttlecock, Pinto, Big Worm, Squatter, Paycheck (QIC) Disclaimer Warmup, In Cadence: Thru The SloTunnel, x 20 Heels To Heaven, x15 Flutter Kicks, x20 Hello Dolly, x20 Shoulder Taps, x 20 Mountain Climbers, x20 Hand Release Merkins, x 10... Continue Reading →

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