JCP was LIT (No, Seriously-there’s a light!?)💡


AO: Rumble (Classic Paycheck Field Trip ™️)

The Pax: Big Hurt, Dipstick, Frodo, Mr. Rogers, Night Night, Paycheck(Q), Sharpie, Wee Man, Yogi

The Disclaimer: I am not a professional, work out at your own risk, give it your best, modify as needed

The Warmup:

(Rucks optional)

In Cadence:

Forward Claps x10

Overhead Claps x10

Prisoner Squats x 20

Imperial Walkers x20

Grab a coupon (cinderblock; sandbag; kettlebell; tamper; granite boulder)!

Ruck with coupon down Wisteria, stopping at each intersection for (with ruck and coupon):

✅ 5 squats

✅ 5 Good Mornings

🐂 Extra credit: 5 Deadlift>Curl>Overhead Press

Total stops: 5.

Arrive at Jeffries Creek Park.


T H A N G:

Jeffries Creek Playground- Every Minute On The Minute (JCP EMOM)

Every Minute On the Minute Stations (with ruck encouraged) /12 repetitions then rotate.

– Standing Swingset Ab Rollout

– Swingset Australian Pullups

– 50 lb Kettlebell swing

– Bench step-ups

– Explosive Incline Picnic Tabletop Merkins (from incline to standing = 1 repetition)

– Weighted Dips

– Tamper station (yes, it was a coupon)

Ruck Back to launchpad!




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